About Me and My Writing

This is the bit that I least like writing – the one that is about me.  To be honest, while I suppose I enjoy my own company as much as the next person, I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone else would find me remotely interesting.  However, if you’ve arrived on this page, then I guess there is maybe the slightest spark of interest for you, and I should probably stop rambling and tell you a little about myself.  So…

I am a 40-something Australian who has had something of a walkabout through life.  Leaving my homeland at age 12 (not on my own I hasten to add), I’ve lived in the USA, Chile, and now reside amongst the green northern hills of England, where I am happily married with 4 delightful bairns.

I find many writers say how they’ve enjoyed inventing stories since they could hold a pencil; how their life ambition has always been to spend their days putting their new and interesting worlds onto paper (or screen nowadays, I suppose).  That is not my story.  I disliked my English classes growing up (my apologies to all of my school teachers), and it wasn’t until my late teens that I gained a love for reading; a love that has only grown over the years, particularly within the Epic Fantasy genre.  My compulsion to write only began a handful of years ago, and the desire to produce a full-blown story only very recently: I can’t tell you the precise details because it would contain a spoiler for my Aylosian Chronicles series, but suffice to say that once the story began to develop in my head, the tale was soon accompanied by a compulsion to write it down.

My writing interests are a little eclectic I suppose.  This web-site is devoted to my novels, short stories, and perhaps the occasional rambling thought.  Mostly it will revolve around the Fantasy genre, and I’ll try and make it clear when that isn’t the case.  I have a separate blog that I post to occasionally that is focussed on my religious life and thoughts.  Though my religious faith is important to me, it doesn’t play any (conscious) part in my fictional writings here – again, if there is an exception to that I’ll make it clear at the outset so that if that’s not your sort of thing, then you can avoid it.

Lastly, I should say thank you for visiting my site.  Please subscribe so that I can send you updates when I have any news, which may include short stories or book excerpts published here, or information about new novels.


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