Author / Novel Spotlight: Pamela Daniell, Revelations

picIn this post, I talk to Pamela Daniell, author of Revelations.


What made you decide to publish a novel?

Ever since I was a little girl it was a dream of mine to become a published author. In grade school I had a teacher who would always tell me to ‘Keep on writing’ and it encouraged me to finish Revelations and submit it to be published.

Where do you get you inspiration to write?

I get the inspiration from a lot of places, dreams, work, tv shows, and music.

If you could pick just one phrase from your writings to preserve for future generations, what would it be?

‘Your past is your past” Don’t let it define who you are today. People grow and learn from their mistakes.

Where did the idea for Revelations come from?

The TV series Supernatural.

Different authors have differing approaches to writing. Some prepare very detailed plot outlines before they begin on their first draft, while others have a much looser outline and like to see where the story leads them. What was your approach with Revelations?

I have a very loose outline. I know how the story starts and how I’d like it to end when I start and I kind of know what I want to happen, but my characters seem to have a way of telling me whether that’s how the story will go or not. Sometimes my muse will end a story a totally different way than planned, or introduce characters that were never intended on being written into the book.

Rev wall 1What part of Revelations did you find most difficult to write and why?

I’d have to say the last chapter because it was then that I had to decide whether to write a second book to continue the story. I had two endings in mind and had to choose which one I wanted to go with. In the end my characters won out and Defiance will continue the story line.

First books in series can go one of two ways. Can you tell whether Revelations ends on a cliff-hanger or whether the story resolves itself sufficiently to be standalone?

I thought I ended it on a cliff-hanger and some people have said they can’t wait for book two to find out what happens with my characters, but others said they didn’t see it as a cliff-hanger. I guess it’s up to the reader.

Some readers of fantasy like end-to-end action, while others prefer a greater emphasis on the personal journey of the main character(s).   Where would Revelations sit between theses two types of story?

I’d have to say defiantly an emphasis on the character Jenna and her journey.

Without giving too much away, can you tell us a little about how the story will develop in the next books in the series?

In Defiance which is book two in the series, we see Jenna still struggling to prove that she and all other Nephilim’s are not abominations. She will suffer more hardships as the angels continue to test her will as they try and force her to join them.

Authors can grow quite attached to some of their characters, and sometimes that attachment can be with minor characters who maybe don’t have a big part to play in the novel. Is there a character from Revelations who you’d like to explore in more depth – if not in a subsequent book in the series, maybe in a spin-off or maybe short story?

If I could I would like to delve deeper in Alex’s past. He has a story all his own that could explain why he is the way he is or if he’s being forced to do the things he does in Revelations.


If you’d like more information about Pamela or her writings, visit  Revelations is available in paperback of Kindle formats, and if you’d like to pick up a copy, you can do so from Amazon or the Scribes Guild Publishing website.

Thank you Pamela, for your time, and good luck with Revelations.


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