Dreams and Shadows Excerpt: Illusions

Few walk knowingly on evil roads

Few walk knowingly on evil roads. For such paths are strewn with colour and laughter that call enticingly, deceiving even the cautious. It is only when despair’s pit has ultimately grasped a soul irreversibly within its hold that the man or woman finally understands that the allures that brought them there were mere illusions, carefully placed to hide the misery that awaited their journey’s end.

So says the wise Ashael.

Will Michael be able to discern between truth and lie, and thus find a way to save those he has grown to love? Or will he fall victim to the illusions that have trapped so many before him?


Dreams and Shadows is the first book in the Aylosian Chronicles, due out summer 2015. Sign up to receive news and excerpts at http://www.jeffreycollyer.com.



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