Dreams and Shadows Excerpt: Journey

The content of each journey is less

Scattered throughout Dreams and Shadows are words of wisdom from a legendary figure called Ashael.  In this one, the ancient woman states:

“As a man takes his first steps on a path never before walked he may be filled with excitement to learn of the trail’s destination, or with fear of what lies hidden along his journey’s route. These feelings may dictate whether he runs or crawls on his way, fear or excitement bidding his pace. Either choice, however, will leave the man missing the most valuable lesson his travels have to offer – that of the wonder of new understanding; for each new journey will offer such in abundance if only the time is taken to contemplate the path’s experience. In truth all new trails will be strewn with both horrors and joys in different degrees. The content of each journey is less important than the manner in which we make our way. For paths newly travelled, when sufficiently pondered, will lead ultimately to a greater peace, as the heightened understanding of our place in the universe gives anchor to the soul.”

Dreams and Shadows is the first book in the Aylosian Chronicles, following the journey of Michael as he is transported to a magical realm where powerful figures and dangerous creatures seek his life.  To survive, and to save those he grows to love, he must learn of his own powers and overcome a lifetime of fears.


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