D&S on Table

Dreams and Shadows is now available in paperback or e-book from most Amazon stores worldwide. It is currently free on Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s what readers are saying about it:

“With brilliant writing, well-developed characters, and a fantastic storyline, I could not put this story down… this was a great surprise and a breath of fresh air for finding a whole new world that you want to know everything about.”www.booksandopinions.com

“…an entertaining book, for all ages and sexes.” 5 Stars– Amazon.com reader

“Just when I thought I had an idea of where this story was going there was another twist. It is a wonderfully well written book…” 5 Stars– Amazon.com reader

“…had a hard time putting it down, finishing it within 3 days. The action in the story draws you in and keeps you focused and interested in the outcome.” 5 Stars– Amazon.com reader

“Great book, well written, loved the story and didn’t want to put it down…” 5 Stars– Amazon.co.uk reader

Purchase link to Amazon.com here (where you’ll get the Kindle version for free when you buy the paperback)

Purchase link to Amazon.co.uk here.

The first two chapters of Dreams and Shadows are now available for free here. 


About Me

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by my web-site.  I’m a 40-something bloke in England who loves reading – fantasy especially – and when I can find the time I do some writing too.  But here you’ll find not just information and snippets of my own stories, but also book reviews and author interviews about their books too.

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My Book Reviews

I’ll only post reviews of fantasy books here, and of books I’ve recently read.  My reviews are inevitably subjective, and based on what I enjoy reading.  Unless there are major issues with spelling or grammar I won’t mention them, because I’m more interested in the quality of the story writing; character development; etc.  A 5-star review would have to blow me away, so most books I’ve really enjoyed and would enthusiastically recommend will get 4-stars.


Author / Novel Spotlight

I invite authors of fantasy to answer a few questions about themselves and one of their books.  Have a look to see if there is an author or book you haven’t come across before.  I may not have read all of the the books that are in the spotlight, but I ask authors to only include works that I’d be happy for my children to be exposed to, so no explicit sex, gratuitous violence or bad language.  If you’re a writer and would like to be featured, check out my guidelines on the Spotlight page.


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Please leave feedback, comments, or ask questions.  Thanks again for visiting, and I hope you enjoy.


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